08 November 2010


Hindi being the national language of India is popular among visiting tourists. Students coming to study from other parts of the world also seek a tutor to pick up the language skills. Learning a new language can be great fun, if you find great resources to help in your learning quest. You will find FREE online resources to learn Hindi in my earlier post.
Taylor Swift's new album, SPEAK NOW is the biggest opener in 5 years and on being interviewed 4 days ago said that she would love to tour India and try to learn Hindi. 

Top 10 Hindi Learning Tips offers some excellent pointers, which you can use to learn Hindi effectively and fast.

You can use one of 2 methods to learn to speak Hindi. Self study method and tutor led sessions.
Self study method: Buy Amazon products, such as books, audio, video CD,DVD,home study course,etc.

Tutor led sessions is self explanatory,but you can opt for physical classes, or online classes.
Each person is different when it comes to learning new things, especially picking up new language skills.So, choose wisely based upon your budget, level of commitment, and time available. Of course, your need to learn Hindi determines your answer.

Find your online tutor from India at ask for a free 10 minute skype session.

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