09 September 2010


The new Template Designer in blogger is fun to play with and easy for anyone to create a new blog or to spruce up an existing blog. Being able to change the columns and footer gives scope for addition of more engaging content presented in a more aesthetic design. The width adjustments of the columns and the whole blog gives you an idea of just how you would like to present your readers with the much desired information. Easily navigable with the addition of the Pages at the top or on the sidebar. More Pages will be added in the near future. Being able to add a bit of code to make the blog mobile friendly adds to its value to the readers who wish to update themselves from their mobile phone.
Well, this blog has been spruced up a bit. Addition of the column on the left and in the footer makes all the information more presentable. The older version of this blog, Great Expectations can be viewed in the screencast above.
You are welcome to let me know what you think of it in the Comments section.
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