02 July 2010


Google Docs is an answer to every teacher and student working on a collaborative project or individually. All you need is a gmail account and anyone can create or upload files,edit and publish or share with whomever they want. Students and teachers are already familiar with the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Google has all these and more for you to work with @ Google Documents, and best part is that it can be shared with people you choose, to edit online in real time and it is FREE. You do not need to save any of these files on your computer as they are stored online,on Google's secure servers, which means you can do away with your pen drive and access your files from anywhere with an internet connection.
In addition to the word processor, spreadsheets and presentations, one can also create forms and drawings. Imagine working on a collaborative drawing.
Once finished, you can even embed your file onto your class blog for others to find it.
Advantages of using Google docs are many,compared to and Microsoft Office. But now, Microsoft has come out with an answer to this by introducing the Microsoft Cloud. But Google Docs remain the popular choice in the classroom.
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