11 June 2010


Blogs can be customized to suit the contents of your blog . Blogger has added a new feature called the TEMPLATE DESIGNER .You can select templates for your blog from professionally designed templates and customize it to your taste. Blogger has now added several new TEMPLATES for you to pick from, with a wide range of categories such as health, food and drink, recreation, technology, science, etc,.  Additionally, new  BACKGROUNDS are also made available for you to choose from various categories such as texture, nature, abstract among others. Educators and students of all age groups can find great ways to make their blog appealing according to their content and aesthetic taste. You can change the LAYOUT of your blog and adjust the WIDTH as well apart from having the previous features of choosing COLORS and FONTS. Class blogs can now be made more interesting quickly and more students and teachers can find the newly added features easy to use. Existing blogs can also change their look by clicking on the DESIGN button on the BLOGGER dashboard. There is also a DESIGN button on the top right hand of your blog from which you can access the Template Designer.
Student blogs need not be drab and teachers blogs boring, they can be enhanced with the new Blogger Template Designer. And this will see more teachers and students going online to start their personal as well as class blogs on Blogger.
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