29 May 2009


Social networking online is a rage among all today,particularly students.Yes,even those in high school. So, should they be banned from using Facebook,Twitter,etc.? Jessica Gross recently wrote in The Huffington Post about teachers and Professors who have put Twitter to good use in the classroom in order to encourage social networking among their students.The idea being - they already use social media whether the parents and teachers like it or not,it can be used effectively to encourage communication and networking which is what the present and future are all about. They can be taught to use them right so as to enable students to engage meaningfully beyond the four walls of the classroom and also interact with their teachers.
Students learn from their peers and so, incorporating social media into their classrooms is certainly the way for educators worldwide. Using such useful tools enhances productivity and teachers are able to better connect with their students. Teachers have to learn to update themselves constantly. After all, teachers are learners first,right?
Once I entered the world of facebook and twitter,I have begun interacting with educators and students like never before.
You are welcome to share any stories you may have on how you find twitter useful in the classroom.

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