10 February 2009


Flashcards are a great way to keep a student's attention online,whether to learn vocabulary of a new language or any other subject,perhaps algebraic formulas.A website where you can create your own flashcards,save them,share them with your students/friends is recommended by a user.You may not only create your own but also find already existing ones made by other users in the flashcard library.Privacy settings allow you to share only with your class if you so desire.This website is FREE to use.Languages such as Spanish,German,French,Hindi,Mandarin and subjects such as History,Math,Algebra,Anatomy,Biology,Accountancy,Literature, name it,and it can be either found here or you can create your own.It is also useful in studying for such exams as SAT,GRE,GMAT.
Learners of all ages can first familiarize themselves and learn.Then they can take a quiz and scores will be presented.They can then race against the clock while taking the quiz.It is indeed an excellent tool for teachers to use for their students,and elearners to engage in selfstudy.
Recommended Reading:Spanish Vocabulary Made Easy

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