21 January 2009


Language learning is always not easy for many.Hindi,being the official language of India,the knowledge of which is always an asset for the foreign tourist while in India.There are students also wanting to know the Grammar essentials of the language so as to get good grades as Hindi has to be a second language or a third language option in Indian schools.Finding a good native tutor is one way of learning the language thoroughly.These days,several turn to the internet to find selfstudy material or to find a good tutor.My Learn Hindi post gives you a list of the websites that help in your quest to learn the language,whether it be simple conversation,grammar,writing the script,vocabulary,and also my playlist on youtube for famous Panchatantra animated stories in hindi to help you to listen,speak and read as you view.If you wish to take on a free half an hour Hindi Skype session,you can click here to check on the timings.
Update: I have started my new website for spoken Hindi,
NRI kids can now learn spoken Hindi via Skype, click here for details.

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