06 January 2009


Virtual education or e-learning as it is referred to as a learning environment where the tutor and student are separated by space and time,or both.Use of technology today has enabled teachers and students to connect over the internet in real time and engage in profitable imparting of knowledge.

So what would you like to teach?If you are comfortable with school subjects and a particular age group,you can specifically target that group. School could mean K-12,High school,home schooler,or college.Some students need teachers for a particular subject only,or a particular exam they are appearing for, such as SAT.

Or if you can tutor a particular language such as English,or French,or Spanish,you can find learners for that and specify whether you wish to take up beginner level,or conversational classes only,for travel purposes.Even Business English is being offered by many tutors.

Imparting skills that you have acquired or hobbies that you are passionate about,could also be taught since you have the desired expertise. Art,cookery,baking,computer tutorials,playing a musical instrument, name it, and you can teach it.

There is no dearth of students for any subject,any level or any age group. There is always someone wanting to learn what you already know.

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