07 January 2009


Tools necessary for teaching students online effectively are enumerated below.

All you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection.A good headset with a microphone is a must.A webcam is optional.

You may need to sign up for VOIP services or IM services such as Yahoo Messenger,Google Talk or MSN Messenger.You can also teach via Skype.You may have an audio only class,or give an audio-video class.There are also several virtual whiteboards which the teacher and student can share in real time for the class.In short,video conferencing is used in education as well.

Wiziq is one such FREE platform for teachers anywhere in the world.It is a virtual classroom equipped with shared whiteboard,text chat,and live audio and video.Engaging online students with the use of multimedia is necessary as the teacher is not physically present as in the classroom.You can also promote your profile online.

If you do not have resources for your particular subject,there are several FREE websites from which you can find engaging pictures,interactive videos,powerpoint presentations,to support your subject matter.Or you can create your own.

You can also sign up for services such as Paypal for students to pay you online.

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