11 October 2008


English language is undoubtedly the most spoken around the globe. Adults who did not get a chance to learn the language in school look for a tutor,or online websites to learn.Some want to perfect their Grammar,while others wish to to be more fluent in the use of spoken English. Whatever the reason,if you are one such person,or know of someone,the following websites are sure to engage you in helping to perfect your use of the English language.
British Council : This website offers you separate sections for adults,kids,Chinese learners,Arabic learners,for work and for study.There are also podcasts which you can download and listen while on the go. An exclusive section for professionals exists which also gives tips on study skills and preparation for exams such as IELTS.A separate section exists for peacekeepers and teachers.
Learn English Today : Free lessons,vocabulary lists,idioms,proverbs,word games,are all used to make your learning English more fun.An exclusive section on Business English also exists for professionals.
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