06 August 2008


Schools have adopted technological modes of teaching,and have been particularly successful in grading students according to their powerpoint presentations.These presentations are a hit with every student as it is a creative aspect of the student being focused upon.It also aids faster learning.All subjects can be taught using ppt.Some teachers emphasize their topic's,"Points to remember" at the end of every chapter through a ppt. My 8 th grade student had to submit a ppt on a topic of common interest for an English class.Guidelines were given 10 days in advance and he had to submit this as a project and once approved by the teacher,he would be assessed for the presentation in class. His friends get to ask him questions and his presentation skills are enhanced.
Students are taught to use powerpoint,word and excel for their class projects.An excellent website that guides teachers and students in using powerpoint effectively in the classroom can be found here.There are 3 versions of the FREE ONLINE TUTORIAL.
If you are using Powerpoint 98,Click here.
If you are using Powerpoint 2003,Click here.
If you are using Powerpoint 2007,Click here.

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