21 October 2007


Learning Mathematics can be tough for some children, and for some, it is a scoring subject. Some even score a 100%. Understanding the basic concepts, and practice sure gives added confidence to any student. A good, patient teacher or parent can help.
Similarly, certain children require extra coaching in Physics,Chemistry,Languages or any other subject that the child needs to improve in.
There are several good sites on the net which will be useful, but to know which one is tailored for your child's grade and working pace,can be a daunting task.Most choose the easy way out-that of hiring a home tutor who can teach on a one to one basis at the child's learning pace.
Private tutors are expensive compared to the tutors who hold coaching classes. But the benefits are immense.

  • Private tutors teach one to one, so 100% attention is given to this one student for the whole session.Sessions range between one hour to one and a half hour according to the child's need.
  • Timings can be adjusted to suit both student and tutor.
  • Tutor comes to your residence, so the child is saved the trouble of travelling again after school.
  • The student is at ease to learn in a more conducive home environment.
  • Tuition also allows the student to question and gain more knowledge.
  • Teachings are more focused and good values and habits are also inculcated unconsciously.

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