23 November 2007


My nephew goes to a music class for 45 minutes every week with his father in Finland. Nothing new, you might say. But he is only 7 months old! And the room will be full of babies and parents, I was told. The music teacher plays the piano and sings a few rhymes and these babies either look at each other or make up their own songs babbling away.
Indian schools have an hour per week at least for music lesson. Western or Indian classical, being their choice. After school, a few students enroll for music and dance lessons. Some girls join the veena or flute, boys go for harmonium or tabla if it is Indian. Some opt for Classical singing.
Listening to and making music, especially classical, makes a student peaceful and refreshed. He quickly grasps his studies, and has a positive approach to life itself.
On the other hand, researchers say that one who listens to heavy metal,rock, hip hop,are restless when they have to study. Arrogance is part of their personality. Pop and jazz are more mild in comparison.
Classical singing according to one singer of repute, utilizes breathing rhythms which aid in one having good health and radiating a youthful and happy personality.

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