24 November 2007


It is often seen when children are accompanying their parents to a mall or any restaurant, it is the child that decides what the family should do or eat. Similarly, what car a family should buy, and what cereal to have for breakfast! Clearly, parents are giving in to their children's demands, to have some peace.

The reasons for this are many.
  • Both parents are busy working or engaged with commitments and children are most often left to themselves.
  • Television and print advertisements are always aimed at the children in the home, clearly indicating who's BOSS!
  • Parents are not making the effort to keep their children in check and are allowing themselves to be manipulated.
  • Some parents even gloat over their kids manipulating them. They fail to see the distant future and what they will grow up to be!
  • " Keeping up with the Jone s's" is what drives some parents into believing and accepting the child's point of view.

To all such parents, I say, "Make your choice today! Do you want to be your kid's friend or your kid's parent?"
Always remember God made us parents for our kids.

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