28 June 2008


Planning to travel to Paris?Stopping over at Frankfurt?Hopping onto a cruise at the Caribbean? No matter what part of the world you belong to,you need to converse with people of the city you are travelling to.Knowing to speak the English language is not sufficient,especially if the people of your destination for holiday or business,is not able to converse in English.You will need to get by,and so comes the desire to learn the language of that particular country. Knowing the customs related to salutation is a must.
People turn to the internet to find out more about that country much in advance,in addition to booking tickets online whether it be flight,or cruise,or entrance tickets to various tourist spots. And most often, they also look up on languages spoken,so as to be able to get by themselves,and not depend on a tour operator. Basic conversational skills are what they look for, and there are many online tutors available. Several online FREE material is also available wherein one can take a short course in the language of their choice. Some websites also have people native to the particular country willing to assist you in speaking their language in exchange for you teaching them English or any other language. Brushing up on language skills is a great idea before you travel and the bbc website has great audio,video for language learning skills.Basic conversation guide with travel tips in
French,German, Italian,Spanish,Greek,Chinese are covered. So,if you have got that invitation for a business meeting in a country that speaks any of these languages, you know where to head,to brush up on your language skills.
Another interesting free website that lists languages of the world online and how to learn them is word2word.Most of the languages of the world are listed here.
When in Rome,do as the Romans do!Speak their language and they will do anything for you!You will get to interact more when you share their food and language and your travel experience will be worthwhile.

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