06 December 2007


Students are expected to put in their best effort to study and perform well. Getting great grades is a matter of good study habits. But what of the place where you study?
Have you given thought to this important aspect? Do you realize that you need to be comfortable and relaxed with no distractions at the time of study. Setting aside a particular time everyday for study, apart from homework makes for a good habit.

Answer the following questions to see whether your study place is what it should be?

1. Is my Study Place available to me whenever I need it?
2. Is my Study Place free from interruptions?
3. Is my Study Place free from distractions?
4. Does my Study Place contain all the study materials I need?
5. Does my Study Space contain a large enough desk or table?
6. Does my Study Place have enough storage space?
7. Does my Study Place have a comfortable chair?
8. Does my Study Place have enough light?
9. Does my Study Place have a comfortable temperature?

If you answered in the affirmative, you have a great study place. Utilize it to the maximum.
Some siblings may have to share a study room or study table. See if you can have a different time of study. Otherwise do not disturb each other, rather the younger can seek the older's advice for study.
Good studying begins with being comfortable in your study place.

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