07 February 2014

The Science Behind The Winning of the Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics-Videos

Winter Olympics Events are fun to watch. All are glued to the television for the events. But, is it all fun and rigorous training? Is there science, that helps qualify which athletes perform consistently better to eventually bag the Gold for their country? Team and individual players all use the principles of Physics and Engineering to propel them into the big league of winners.
The National Science Foundation has an entire set of educational videos explaining the science and engineering behind each of the Olympic event. Updated 2014.

Below is the ski jumping event. And the science behind it. Enjoy!

So, what is your favorite event? Bobsledding,curling,....tell us in the Comments section below.

Click here to view the Youtube Video Playlist of 16 videos explaining the science behind some winter Olympics events. 

10 August 2012

Need Free Software For Your School Or Your Studies

The education community is constantly looking for online free resources for their teaching and learning programs. With the strides that technology is making in all areas of our lives, ICT in education is important.
Freeware is a great website to find Free software and links to other useful programs that you can use for most of your work online.
Website: http://www.schoolfreeware.com/Freeware_Links.html
Youtube Channel for Freeware Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/SchoolFreeware?feature=watch

06 August 2012

How To Save Time On Narration While Easily Creating Slideshows

Excellent presentations are created by students for their assignments these days using PowerPoint. There are also teachers who strive hard to make their presentations engaging by asking questions that challenge the student's thinking. A great ppt presentation with appropriate videos and pictures is still incomplete if there is no one to explain it(some are exceptions,of course). There are several ways of doing this.
You can do the explanation while your viewers are engaged in the slideshow. This is possible if they are in the same room as you in real time. Now, if you wish to share this presentation with the world, you need to add a narration using the PowerPoint tools and a microphone. This is time consuming but, at the end of it, anyone viewing this slide presentation will be able to follow because of the supportive narration. This then can be shared on the web as a video using animoto or youtube. Now, there is an even easier way to add a narration on your slide presentation and turn it into a video. Simply, use slidespeech, a FREE software that allows you to add in your speaker notes. And the video is ready. When it is viewed, the text to speech feature will automatically play out the narration as well. Another advantage is that it can be used to collaborate online with other viewers using Google Docs. Languages other than English such as Italian, French, German, and even Asian languages such as Thai and Hindi are available as voices. Try it and use the comments box below to tell of how you used it. You can also add links to your slide presentations using this slidespeech. We will have some examples.


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19 July 2012

How To Master The Human Body Systems Quickly And Get Excellent Grades in Anatomy and Physiology With This Popular Study Guide

How to study the body systems without the sweat?

The study of the human body systems is never easy. Being a Biology student, you know that in order to get a good overall percentile, you need excellent grades in all subjects, and that includes human anatomy, Physiology. So, how are you going to master these all important subjects which is the foundation for a host of subjects such as Pharmacology, Nursing care, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, etc.if you want to be a medical or a paramedical professional.

Learn the story of your body in 3 days or less.-Fact or Fiction ?

Students often find that there are some subjects that they need more help with. A medical student, nurse or paramedic, pharmacology student, also the college student that has opted for Biology as a subject will need to study Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry the understanding of which will help them do well in allied subjects such as Drug therapy . So, that means a large number of students need to learn about the human body and functions. Apart from the students, a large number of people are curious to know what goes on inside their bodies, so as to take better care of themselves and their families.

Human Body Systems such as the digestive system, circular system, skeletal system,etc., need not be so daunting any more. The complex systems that make up our bodies is a whole lot more interesting once you understand the basic functions and learn to relate each organ with its corresponding function, the part it plays in the particular system and then its significance in the overall process making it an integral part of our body.
Being able to understand the optimal working of the human body also brings us to the point where we need to learn about what happens when a particular part of the body or system does not function properly. The need for medication, diet, exercise or some other corrective measures such as surgery all stem from the proper understanding of the workings of the human body.

It is possible to get a clear picture of the internal workings of our body by learning anatomy and physiology. Do not let these terms rattle you. These are branches of Biology, wherein one learns about the human body more thoroughly. This valuable home study course is the work of a qualified practicing doctor and is updated often.
Get yourself the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course that has excellent reviews from students who upped their grades. Teachers will find this an useful resource material because of its step by step lesson plans that are easy to put to immediate use. Even professionals such as doctors find this guide useful and refer to it often. Many professors advise their students to use this as an accompaniment to their textbooks.

Ace Every Anatomy And Physiology Test

Detailed and easy to follow explanations, labelled diagrams, and detailed illustrations with quizzes and solutions are what makes this study guide a must for everyone wanting to know the workings of the human body, not just students. It is also easy to learn from this guide as the visuals make for longer memory assimilation. A fondness for the human body grows as one learns about the various functions and the body systems. It is no more just a subject to learn and get top grades in, it is also what you are and what any human being is and the desire to offer professional help(if you are studying to be a doctor or nurse or a sports trainer) to those in need awakens within you. After all, that is what the end result is, isn't it? A subject you like in which you get good grades and also, do extremely well professionally.

 Click now for the  #1 Home Study Human Anatomy and Physiology Course and forget low grades forever.

08 May 2012

How To Set Up A Website In 3 Simple Steps

Having a website denotes professionalism. Setting one up is easy if you follow steps.
Before you go any further, you need to answer certain questions that will help you arrive at your decision.

  • What do you need a website for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • And lastly, are you willing to spend?

Based on your answers yo the above, you can decide on whether you want to go with a free website or a paid website. You need not be intimidated if you are a total newbie, as there are several tutorial guides and youtube videos that help you through the process.
There are many options under the free category, such as Google sites and blogger, if you wish to blog. The only drawback is that your URL will appear as a sub domain. For example, if you are on blogger, you will see your URL as http://yourname.blogspot.com/,and if you are on Google sites, it will show up as http://yourname.googlesites.com/.
All you need is a Gmail account that can be used to login.
Now, if you are willing to spend a little time and money to set up your website, and get targeted traffic to your website (after all, that is what you want your website up for in the first place), and make some decent money in the process, I would recommend you to set up a self-hosted website with word press. This will give you a greater control over all of your content, the way it appears, and using all the features to gain traffic.

3 Simple Steps to set up a Self-hosted Website

  1. Get a domain name with godaddy  
  2. Set up a hosting account with hostgator
  3. Finally, install Wordpress (wordpress.org)
A domain name can cost you about $10. And a hosting account around $5 a month. This is but a small investment to enjoy the benefits of having a website. Now, you can add some great content on a regular basis, and feel good that you set up your very own website.You can optimize it and watch the traffic grow. With time, your investment would be negligible when compared to the earning potential of your website.

10 April 2012

Top 3 Reasons For Enrolling Your Child In A Music Class

Parents rush to enrol their children in good schools to give them a strong foundation in academics. Most schools offer physical education and music education and spiritual classes. But, is it necessary for a child to be taught music? How does that help in the performance of academics?
If your school does not provide a chance to be in the choir, or to teach music, a musical instrument, chances are your child is missing out on something that will help in the all round development.
Reason #1: To enrol your child in a music program of his/her choice: Builds confidence. The child learns to play an instrument or sing on his own,and enjoys it. He loves being applauded too.
Reason #2: Music helps relaxation. Playing an instrument or singing gives pleasure as well as relaxes the mind, which is conducive to learning.
Reason #3: The sheer joy of making music will hold the child steadfast as he grows into an adult and well into his old age,as he faces the challenges of life.

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02 March 2012

How To Get High Quality Textbooks For Less Money

Study guides and textbooks are a student's best friend. Every school has a prescribed textbook for each and every subject according to Grades. High school and college textbooks do not come cheap, and students often find it difficult to manage to get a copy of all prescribed textbooks for their course. Not all students are comfortable with the idea of sharing textbooks (3-4 students buy one and share), and the school library may not have enough copies or the particular textbook may already be borrowed by another student the day you need it. Having your personal copy of a prescribed textbook makes it easier for you to study whenever you want and refer to it anytime.
Bookstores selling textbooks may offer a discount once a year, but the ones you need may not be part of the offer. Can be a bit frustrating at times, isn't it? So, how does one find textbooks that one needs ? Without digging a hole in one's pocket.
Online stores such as Barnes and Noble have a good selection of all types of study material and that includes textbooks of every subject. One can choose from hardcover books, new or used but in very good condition. You also have a choice to rent out a textbook and then see whether to buy it or return it. Students that prefer to download textbooks onto their laptop or computer will find that they also have a wide variety of e-textbooks that can be used offline as well. Now, these can be bought online and a student can save money by using promotional codes from bn.com. A student can save big money when buying textbooks and use it for other educational purposes.
E-textbooks are a popular choice as they are downloadable instantly and what's more you get discounts of upto 60 % off. You are allowed to try an e-textbook for 7 days absolutely free of cost before you decide to rent it or even buy. A free e-textbook application for PC and Mac called Nook Study is available which enables a student to be able to download a variety of textbooks at the click of a button and these textbooks can be used in offline mode as well. This is a huge money saver. Another interesting feature of the Nook Study is that a student can organize her coursework, with tools such as search, tag and highlights.
One can save upto 90 % on used textbooks. These are available in absolute good condition. Only those with the highest quality are made available to you.  If you have doubts, you can opt to rent out a used book and then choose to buy if you so desire. If you wish to rent a book, there are discounts on that too. To return a rented textbook, you just have to print the free shipping return label and send the book back before the due date.
Lab manuals, work books, and study guides in every subject are available too. A student can easily get all his textbooks at one store and make sure he gets the maximum discounts and save money. It is indeed a case of "buy more for less". What's more ? One can even sell the textbooks back to them once you are done with it. And that means you get quick cash. Making money again !