02 September 2010

How To Get Good Grades This Academic Year

"Where can I find good coaching? I need more marks!", asks a student at lunch break of another student.
"Does your daughter / son go for tuitions?", asks a parent outside the school of another. "My son is already going for Math help, but I need to change the tutor as we are moving house", says the mother of a Class 8 student.. Chances are that all students these days require tuitions for some subject or the other. And they are willing to pay for it.  Be it school or college, the quest for marks is universal. Competition is healthy, but in order to keep up with the class, a student might need more explanation of concepts, while some students might get average marks and need to perk up their grades to be able to make it to the next higher Grade. And still others, who are already doing well, desire to be the first in class and so need the extra help.
A tutor must not only teach but also motivate the student to perform better. Some students may require just homework help. But most often it is not sufficient to simply review the homework done, but must supply additional material in innovative ways to spark the interest and imagination of a student that does not like a particular subject or just needs to be taught in a different manner. The key is to gain the confidence of the student before being made to endlessly churn out assignments which are never reviewed, otherwise tuitions can become more overwhelming than the actual school work.
Every student has his pet subjects in which he excels, and his weak subjects. Most often, Physics help, Algebra help, or Calculus help is required, and several online agencies such as Tutornext
are rendering excellent tutorial services.

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