10 November 2009


Wordtalk is a free text to speech utility for use with all Microsoft Word documents. A spell checker reads aloud for the student to listen to different suggestions. MS Word 97 and above are compatible for wordtalk. 
Students or adults with reading and writing difficulties will find this tool particularly useful as reading out aloud to them helps them pick up better. This tool highlights the text as it reads that text aloud. You can change the speed and voice of the text to be read according to the listener's abilities.Another important feature is that a text can be converted to speech and saved as an .mp3 or .wav file to play back on an ipod or mp3 player.
 A similar text -to-speech utility, called PowerTalk is available for PowerPoint documents to be read aloud. Students in a classroom can enjoy stories read out to them as  they view the slideshow.
Visually impaired or partially impaired students will find this tool useful. A presenter can just choose a PPT and let it run and it will be be read out simultaneously.

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