18 June 2009


Microblogging on Twitter has taken the world by storm particularly in the last 2 months,even among teachers and educators of all kinds.Tutorials that teach the use of twitter,the tools to use with Twitter to make your twittering life easier,tips and tricks with this online tool,the use of it in branding and business apart from the special role of twitter in the classroom as seen and being experimented upon by innovative teachers are found all over the internet.
Yes,using 140 characters in an update can integrate a class with their teachers like never before and that too in real time. Getting updates on homework and class schedules apart from being able to participate in a class discussion even when you are absent from the class are some of the valuable ways in which twitter connects people. And of course, teachers are increasingly becoming aware of the new applications with twitter. Here are a few new finds about twitter.
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Twitter Tips For Teachers
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