12 June 2009


Education is highly valued in India,and students have many avenues to choose from to pursue a career. A passion or hobby cn be properly channeled to awaken and light the entrepreneural streak in soe. Some brilliant startups have performed well een during ression because of continuous innovation and the ability to be resilient. Some students are artistically inclined and their sense of aesthetics is lost if asked to pursue a career that does not befit them. It is imperative to counsel every student as they step out of school and seek college admissions in choosing an education that furthers their aspirations and more importantly complements their skills and mindset.
To further help these students to land themselves a better job,certifications are necessary. Vocational courses such as Fashion Designing can be pursued simultaneously by a student with a commerce background. A chartered accountant or company secretary course can be simultaneously pursued by a commerce student.
A CAD or a computer course that complements an engineering student's course of study is definitely going to help puit him ahed of his competition when he starts applying for a job. Computer courses are a must for any student to be ahead of his class. Most know the computer basics as taught in school,but many are still unaware or are not proficient with use of web 2.0 tools. Several online tutorials are available to learn at one's own pace. Multimedia interests many and students wanting to pursue learning this computer course know that it is expensive.
A student with artistic inclination and wanting to learn 3 D animation for Free can now do so with an open course free software called blender that is easy to download and install. He can learn to create 3 D movies,games and interesting and exciting visuals online. Free tutorials and video tutorials are available and manuals that take you through step-by-step are available which can make you not only proficient but also earn handsomely once you get certified. You can even become a trainer yourself.

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