16 April 2009


Parents push their children to perform to their utmost during exams,but it is also imperative that they adhere to certain principles themselves.Every child is unique and so is the parent! It goes without saying that a child possesses the genes from his parents and hence his intelligence level may be not far from that of his parents'. But,with hard work and better nutrition and excellent support any student can better his own performance and certainly be the best in school. Environment plays an important part as well. Parents need to understand that a supportive atmosphere at home is essential for optimal academic performance. Creating a quiet study corner or study room and making sure that there are no distractions from visitors,pets or phone calls is every parent's duty. Having a positive atmosphere at home at all times with free air circulation and sufficient lighting makes for a receptive study mind. Study skills are enhanced by listening to soft music at break times,and play activities or pursuing creative hobbies. In addition,prayer and meditation prepares one to concentrate. Parents and teachers are advised never to ever compare their childrens' academic performances or belittle one in front of another,sibling or friend. Negative impacts such as these take their toll in the long run. Recognizing each child's individuality is very essential during their growing years. Allowing 8 hours of sleep at night is most important for any student,exam time or otherwise. The brain needs to develop and function correctly for enhanced academic performance. Eating he right nutritional foods can certainly up students' grades. Providing proper nutrition at mealtimes,in the right proportions,not overeating,and eating peacefully and slowly,helps proper assimilation of nutrients which provide energy and helps develop and strengthen nerve tissues,of which the brain is the biggest organ in the human body. Students are advised to never miss meals especially breakfast. You are advised to read 10 Super Brain Foods For Your Kids where I have enumerated the various foods and discussed why and how to incorporate the top 10 foods for maximum benefit for all students.
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