28 April 2009


Creating and maintaining class blogs can be a very effective form of integrating technology in the classroom. Elementary schools can have one class blog with the teacher having one mail id and several user ids. middle and high school students can be encouraged to have their own blog. Blogging makes them learn perfect English. At once challenging and engaging,each student will learn the art of translating thought to his/her blog. Children can pursue their hobbies writing about their pets,friends,class, video games,soccer.They can also write poetry,learn to embed videos,slideshows,power point presentations,photos taken by them. Creativity is enhanced. When comments are asked for from the other students,teachers,parents and anyone from across the globe,they really work hard at everything with a positivity not seen before. They can use their blog to make their own notes,links,references,add audio,video-the list is endless. It is for the class teacher or subject teacher to make use of this excellent tool to constantly engage her/his students online,which they absolutely love anyway. Guidance and online safety measures are what the teacher must be willing to take up. Paul Hamilton enumerates what he found when he visited Mrs.Smith's 6 th grade class to check out their class blogs.

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