29 April 2009


Adults who want to pursue their education in various streams of their interest,always find that they need more time. Effective time management is essential to all such students. Their daily commute can be construed as a waste of time if not properly utilized. Some ways in which they can learn on the go is as follows.
Carry an ipod to listen to your notes or lectures. Podcasts are made available on University websites and several other elearning sites in addition to the itune store. Podcast libraries are just waiting for you to use.
Listen to educational CD's. Learning languages can be fun,if you listen and try to speak the language. English,French,Spanish,Hindi,......take your pick and begin learning today.
You can also create your own notes,podcasts,blogs,wikis,slide presentations,and so on,.....whatever you are comfortable to study with,using the many tools that are freely available on the internet. Jane Hart has compiled the top 100 list of internet tools being used by educators and students across the world.
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