21 April 2009


When teachers are asked to use technology in the classroom,they have to go beyond just using plain,boring PowerPoint presentations. Some teachers even lift these from PPT libraries and do not bother to use the edit option to make it more interesting for their class.There are several ways that a teacher can retain the interest of her/his class using the internet tools. Even PowerPoint presentations can be made more creative using the options of narrating with your own voice,embedding a related youtube video,using transitions. Making your own little video with Windows Movie Maker can add sufficient interest if you use some class pictures as well. Depending on the subject taught,the teacher can choose her students from the class as subjects for the story being read,or create simple presentations to explain math concepts. Story Maps can be created with PowerPoint. Multiple choice quizzes can be created with PowerPoint. If the teacher allows the students time to create all of the above on their own,they will not only make the learning experience fun,but will also retain what they are learning for a long time.
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