05 March 2009


Graduate and undergraduate students can always find their topics of study on the internet or the library.They have to make their own searches and spend some time trying to find the best textbook or the relevant material to help prepare for a test or exam.If they are lucky enough,they may have a friend who was willing to part with their study notes which they finished with,the previous year.
Coursehero is an opencourse website that is built by students for college students.It is a network of educators,selflearners and students.Anyone can share their notes by publishing them online and view other academic resources online.Online study groups have benefited greatly as the material available is all user generated,making it easier to share their courseware and to teach each other.Coursehero is an open platform that engages educators and students meaningfully and helps supplement a student's classroom understanding of the basic concepts and apply them.An educator can reach beyond the classroom to students that cannot attend,or may be in other parts of the world,or share his knowledge with fellow educators from across the world.Here is a sample-University Of California at Los Angeles UCLA EE 2
Students and educators alike will find Coursehero very useful once they register for FREE and contribute some of their study material as well for other students.Textbook solutions and study material are archived for an easy search.If you are on Facebook,it is beneficial as Coursehero is a Facebook application partner.Being on Coursehero translates to better grades using the resources 24x7.Whether it be an Electrical Engineering Lecture Note
,PowerPoint slides for a lecture in Corporate Finance or Chemistry Lab reports,you will find them all here.

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