12 February 2009


Yes,listen to your notes or homework.Have it read to you as you commute or do something else.Text to speech is useful when you want to have someone read to you.Screen reading can be boring or you may not have enough time to log in.When students have loads to study and are tired of reading this can be of use.Many students take student loan and have to jugle between work and study.In between,they also have to commute great distances and this time can be better utilized for study if you have the notes with you.So,we can utilize ispeech.
This website supports most formats like MS Word,Excel,Powerpoint,PDF and more to convert it into audio.You can also share,embed or download it to your ipod.You can upload any document or URL to have it converted.Even special educators find this tool very useful.If you have a blog or website,you can add a link there after downloading.You can even let your readers choose to listen to your blog instead of reading it.It sure is useful for students and educators alike.

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