29 January 2009


Global recession has brought with it an uncertain future for many.Those who lose their jobs are better advised to use their time in learning new skills that will help them find another job.Some young people who were about to step out of colleges,particularly engineering and management,face a bleak future even though they had already been placed in good companies during campus recruitment.The said companies are in doldrums or they are not being offered the same job or the same salary anymore.In some cases,the company has cancelled their recruitment.It is indeed pathetic to watch young students on the threshold of their careers,who once had great enthusiasm,getting more desperate by the day.Some, with a one to two year's work experience have already enrolled themselves in a B-School to make good use of the time.
So,what are YOU going to do? Is there something stable even during recession that you can do to sustain yourself? Actually,there is! Consider taking up something in your related field,or one that you have a passion for,and see if you can work on your own or employ others to work for you.
When you work for yourself and take advantage of a want,or create a want,and then either supply a product or offer your services to fill up that want,you are compensated for it,and thus you become an entrepreneur.Creative ideas nurtured to reality,brings about innovation in every sphere of life. As a young entrepreneur, you also create jobs for others.You contribute towards improvement of your country's economy.
Entrepreneurship brings with it several benefits.Your social responsibility increases,and you grow as a person,utilizing all your skillsets,learning new ones and becoming more aware of what you are capable of,something you never would have otherwise done.Young entrepreneurship brings with it fresh, new ideas,enthusiasm,and a different approach to every situation.Technology in the field of education is being used greatly and so also with technology in business.The globe is connected in more ways than one,and optimum utilization of the resources available profitably for any organization or small company is definitely easier,especially when one is young to experiment and learn.Mentoring an entrepreneur towards growth and profitability of an organization is certainly necessary in recessional times so as to avoid mistakes that can prove costly and damage the company's reputation.
In short,entrepreneurs are wealth creators!Being an entrepreneur myself,I can assure you of the immense satisfaction that one gets.A mindset that is always on the lookout for great ideas to invest in and harvest rich dividends is developed contributing to self,society and country.A global entrepreneur contributes much more.

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