30 December 2008


Great Expectations was started with the idea of supplementing students studies with the best available on the internet.It is common knowledge that students and learners of all ages look to the internet for resources,especially those that are FREE.Education must be provided to everyone willing to learn and make a difference in their own lives as well as those around them.Subjects learned in school are basic while languages help develop communicative skills.Sports and nutrition help the physical body develop and mind activities enhance the mental wellbeing.Global warming,politics,environment all serve to make one think and if motivated further,may bring about lasting changes in the world we live in.Some countries are beginning to see the value of using the computer and the internet in the classroom.Some teachers and educators who were averse to learning to use the computer or the internet are becoming more at ease.Students,of course,are increasingly becoming adept in the use of COOL gadgets such as ipods,mobiles,and they are particularly good at finding the right information on the internet for their school projects and of course,to find engaging FREE games online.Wholesome development in an individual and shaping his personality takes place not only in the formative years,but also it is a continuous process throughout life at school,college,work.Learning is therefore a continuous process as life's challenges need to be met with grit and determination.

Along with researching and writing about FREE educational resources available on the internet on this blog,to aid the student,teacher or parent,the need to use technology in education and the benefits thereof were also discussed.Writing about various internet tools that could be used in the classroom and elearning gave me great pleasure as I got to interact with some of the best webheads across the globe who were also educators.The edublogger community is vast and I am happy to be included among them.Parents,students and teachers have also contributed by way of comments,both offline and online.
Yes,I have certainly enjoyed being a learner as well as an educator this year.

My most popular searches for 2008 were:
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