21 October 2008


Virtual characters increase the potential of your website or blog by engaging the viewer.Some websites such as sitepal allow you to not only create an avatar but also give it the desired text to speak for an enhanced audiovisual experience.

How about a gyrating 3D avatar with a disco environment?Meezmaker is one such Free website where you can create Meezes(avatars) and export them to your website or blog.You can also utilize their roommaker to create stunning real life looks and animate the avatars to suit your website.I created the meez on the left in about 5 minutes.

How about making a 3 D avatar of yourself and putting it in your profile of social bookmarking sites?Real cool,huh?Well,bigstage just launched their Beta version where you can make one.All you need to upload are 3 pictures of yourself taken with your digital camera.You can use this 3D avatar of yourself to make videos,play games or host your own TV show.Have fun!

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