30 October 2008


Edubloggers put in great efforts to share what they constantly make an effort to learn and put into practice.The teaching community is looking at utilizing educational resources already on the internet with the use of web 2.0 tools.Developing countries also are successfully providing computer labs and laptops for their Gen X to learn.
"Education is most valuable,for only with education,do we see progress in an individual,community,and the country."
Learning occurs in several ways,formal and informal,101,or in a group,online or in the classroom.And edubloggers have found their niche in engaging with others in the teaching community who constantly endeavour to infuse fresh ideas to a student community who are far into the future with the latest gizmos and who constantly need engaging courseware that appeals to them and enhances positive interactivity and learning.
Zaid has put together this post and slideshow of 27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers and I am humbled to see myself recognized as one among them.Thanks Zaid!

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naveen siromoni said...

I have to say that I never knew how much has gone into putting the blogs in place and easily accessible to all. Makes me feel kind of out dated but an inspiration to learn.