05 September 2008


India is a nation that prides itself about its tradition,culture and is comprised of a diverse population with several religious beliefs and customs.
Students are so caught up today with homework and coaching for various extracurricular activities,that they have little or no time or energy left to read.Free time is spent visiting malls or playing video games.Reading has been confined to school books.Most do not know the significance of the holidays declared,whether public holidays or religious occasions.Attempts made by parents to educate their children regarding tradition and culture are not adequate.The blame is laid out squarely on westernization.General knowledge regarding our nation is fast becoming a zero.Unless a student is preparing for some Quiz contest, he does not think it necessary to retain important dates like Independence Day,or Gandhi Jayanti in his memory.Are teachers to blame for this?Or is it the parents?Parents of today,once students of yesteryears,knew all the important dates and could write an essay about any of the national holidays of India, in any 2 languages besides English.When given a project or an essay to write on one of these,today's student is contented to smartly log onto the internet and do his research to complete his work.
Ganesha Chaturthi was celebrated with idols of all sizes in all parts of the country on 3 rd September.How many of our children know the story of Ganesha? New clothes,eats and festoons are only remembered,not the story.
Today being Teachers Day in honour of Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,a great teacher and former President of India,schools have their children on stage to entertain their teachers. Awards and citations are conferred on their best teachers.Some students bring little gifts or flowers for their favourite teacher.
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