08 August 2008


08/08/2008 is a special day!The world waits with bated breath for the start of the XXIX Olympiad at Beijing.An estimated 205 nations are expected to march into the National Stadium(Bird's Nest) for the moment when the Olympic cauldron will be lit.
Thanks to technology and the internet,you can now watch the opening ceremony live this evening, Beijing time on your PC if you are in the United States.
To convert your time to Beijing time,check out World Time.
NBC has the exclusive rights to broadcast live on the internet.
NBC Olympics
NBC Olympic TV Schedule
Unfortunately,if you happen to be in India or in South Korea,Iraq,Nigeria,etc.,you can watch the video recordings on the following websites.
The Official Website of the Beijing Olympics 2008
The official youtube channel for Beijing Olympics 2008
Olympic 2008 Video Search from several news channels
Universal Sports
You can also watch the events live on your mobile phone by going to from the browser of your mobile phone.
Viewers in Australia can watch live on Telstra from their mobile phones.

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