19 June 2008


Virtual education refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both. Multimedia resources, video conferencing via internet are used to connect tutor and student. In real time, both share a whiteboard where a tutor can draw,type or write using a digital pen.Content can be uploaded to aid presentation which can be any type of file. Sessions can be scheduled in advance using a calender and an invite sent for the appointed time. Exercises can be mailed to the student to complete and be marked on.

What you need? All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection.

Benefits Of Online Tutoring:

  • You can schedule as many as you are comfortable with.
  • You can work from anywhere-your home or internetcafe.
  • You get to interact with students from all over the globe.
  • You can build up your online reputation.
  • You can set your own fees.
  • You do not waste time commuting.
  • You can teach one-on-one,or a group comprising students from different places.
  • You can join a tutoring company or be an entrepreneur tutor .
Online tutoring is definitely being preferred by many students these days as they do not have to commute and get tired,rather they can enroll for more number of courses.

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