07 October 2007


"STARS IN HER EYES", an interview with the American-Indian Astronaut on the CNNIBN news channel this morning,caught my attention since all the questions regarding Sunita and her space odyssey was answered .School children were the audience as eminent journalist Rajdeep Sardesai asked her a few questions while the majority of the questions came from the children seated there and those from across India.
Having been the first to run a marathon in space,done spacewalks, and lived in the ISS(international Space Station) for six months, she recounted the beauty of the earth and said there are no markings between countries-they are only on paper. Asked as to who she would choose to take up with her into space, given the chance, she said that she would like to take with her someone who has a lot of animosity, simply because once you see the earth moving with so much peace and tranquility, you cannot but help becoming serene yourself.
Sunita best wants to be remembered as a role model for children .And yes,she loves samosas.She had a feeling of home whenever she ate them in space.

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