02 October 2007


It's tough being a good parent especially when your child is moving into adolescence and is rearing to assert his/her independence. The pressures of modern life, expectations of success from an early age, peer pressure coupled with working parents who can spare little time for him/her make it difficult for an adolescent to seek advice and guidance. Parents are often torn between their own expectations of success from their children and the desire to protect them from a tough world.

Be a role model. Children are extremely sensitive. They are also intelligent enough to see through pretense. It's important for parents to practice what they preach and not breach the code of ethics and values which they are imparting to their children.

ry and spend quality time with your children. Even if it is not too long it's important that it counts and your children feel that you are there for them. Sharing at least one meal a day or praying together are good ways to feel togetherness as a family.

Reserve time for communication. Your children should be encouraged to talk openly about how they feel and on things affecting them. Also be alert to non-verbal cues which will often tell you more than what the child is saying.

In issue which the child feels very strongly about he/she, should be allowed to make his/her own decision. You must make your own position on the subject very clear and try and explain the consequences of the decision the child wants to make. As far as possible allow the child to come to his own conclusion and act accordingly.

Sensitive topics like sex should not be a taboo. In today's age, it is imperative that you talk to your children about sex-related diseases. Parents need to encourage a healthy openness about physical intimacy and opposite gender friendships.

Do not allow your children to be witness to your differences with your spouse. It can be traumatic for a child to see any strife between parents.
(Source-The Times Of India Bangalore)

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