01 October 2007


It was a great pleasure to watch the World T20 Cup Final at Johannesburg on Tuesday. The new captain, Dhoni and his young team did an excellent job of lifting the trophy.The economic center of India, the city that never stops working ,virtually stopped, just to give the Daredevils, a rousing welcome when they landed in Mumbai two days later. My daughter and myself got a glimpse of Sreesanth who caught the final ball, being felicitated by his former school, Florence Public School at RT Nagar on Saturday just before the match against Australia.

In India, almost every one is a cricket fan. Betting takes place, people take sides, especially when the final is a Pakistan vs India match. Cricket fever is particularly contagious whether you are traveling, working (most try to get access to a tv), at school or college. Those diligently working will make mobile calls to know the latest score and who is batting and who is bowling.

Most children love to play or watch others play.Parents must encourage their children to take up some form of game which they enjoy.Schools and colleges must make it compulsory for every child to play a game of their choice.

Playing games enhances the all-round development of your child enabling him to express himself better on and off the field. He learns to play fairly and in teams, if team games are being played. If the child's interest is in playing individual games, he learns to take good decisions. In either case, he or she learns to enjoy games immensely.

Improving hand-eye coordination, motor skills, physical agility,
mental sharpness, are some of the benefits you enjoy while engaged in a good game with friends. Studies show that a child who engages in some form of music,sport, painting,dramatics, improves his grades in school.

This morning I met a renowned cardiologist , who tells me that a child or adult should engage in some form of physical activity. Fitness is very important from a young age. Obesity has become rampant in many children today. Even teenagers in colleges are suffering from this malady. Too much time in front of the idiot-box,
eating little or no breakfast, practically no exercise, eating junk food outside colleges or in the canteens at no proper intervals all account for this problem.

Playing games right after lunch is not recommended simply because all the blood rushes to aid in digestion of the food eaten and energy is not readily available for any form of activity. At least a half hour gap should be given before swimming or any form of vigorous exercise.

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