27 November 2010


School and college students need to up their grades and submit assignments on time. All students are not comfortable with all subjects and may require additional help in some subjects. Math, and Science is where most students need help.
Whether it is Prime Numbers or solving complex Math questions , it can be daunting for some students, and becomes easier once they are taught to solve  every problem step-by-step. A good tutor is one that helps the student read a problem correctly understanding it, break it up into parts and learn to solve one step at a time. Being able to understand forms the very first step even when you need Geometry help. Cross checking every answer for correctness and verification is an important part of Math too, and needs to be taught, so as to give added confidence to the student.
Basic concepts need to be thoroughly understood if a student is to perform well in Science subjects, particularly in K-12. Providing a student with Physics help, Chemistry help during school years is important for the student to love learning Science subjects. Not only will he/she perform well, but will also learn to apply these in real life. And this might spark an interest to take up these subjects during College education. Understanding theory well will enable the student to perform well in the Practicals as well.

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