28 June 2010

Mindmaps Are Effective Brainstorming Tools

Mindmaps are useful in creating and presenting to students according to subjects and topics. Visually impressive, and engaging minds to imbibe what is being taught, these can be effective as a teaching tool. Students can utilize the easy-to-use features to spice up their projects and seminars. Xmind has a free version for download and is really neat to use and share. You can share publicly or opt for private viewing and you can export your map as a pdf, powerpoint or word document. You can also use the html code generated to place the map you created onto your blog to support your views. An excellent brainstorming tool with easy to edit features, xmind was adjudged the best project for academia 2009 in the SourceForge community. Below is an example of a school's map created in xmind.

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