01 June 2009


Twitter is a useful online tool for social networking. Microblogging @ its best,but also it is a preferred marketing or a branding tool for many. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter,the uses of social media are many,provided you know how. For instance, you can join groups pertaining to your field of interest and any updates by any member of the group will help in educating you further on the topic of your interest. Connecting with people and being able to network, while furthering your interests is what these tools are all about.
Educators are successfully utilizing these social media tools with their students and keeping abreast with educators from across the world like never before. After all,students spend more time on the internet connecting with friends rather than looking for useful resources. So, it is only prudent that educators join them and teach them to use these tools more effectively. We are after all headed towards Digital Literacy.
If you are new to twitter,the following will be of use.
Top 7 Video Tutorials that teach the basics and use of twitter
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