06 May 2009


Summer holidays can be fun if utilized properly.Parents must guide their children according to age to engage in activities that will help their development.Besides pursuing sports and playing games outdoors and indoors,it is necessary to provide quality family time with family activities.Bonds will be strengthened and sibling rivalry diminishes. Hobbies must include something of interest to them,such as stamp collection,coin collections,making and displaying scrap books.Some love to help mother in the kitchen or dad with his hobby,maybe fishing or in the garage.Do not discourage them or keep them away,just allow them to get their hands messy as well while teaching them the safety aspects of doing things right. Girls can learn to knit or sew or make simple jewelery that they can wear. Encouragement and guidance is of utmost importance for parents here. And loads of patience. Staying hooked to the computer or television needs careful monitoring,and must be turned off at meal times and encouraged to try something new. Whatever the age,never allow children to become loaners. Social interactions are necessary that positively impact growth. Learning a musical instrument or a new game,a dance,all help in making holidays less boring and a fun experience.

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