09 September 2008


Visualization of subject matter on any given topic is easily understood by all. Presentations for business meetings are more effective when powerpoint presentation is used. The teacher in the classroom will find it easier to engage her students if she uses visuals such as a mindmap or a ppt as discussed in earlier post.
Mindmaps can be easily created with the use of mindmapping tools that are available online. Several mindmapping software found online are free to use.Concept maps,tree diagrams,bubble diagrams,spider grams,logic diagrams on any topic are available on mindmap directories.
Teachers have found mindmapping with mindmeister 2.0 particularly useful.
A comprehensive Mindmapping software and information website
Extensive resources can be searched to find the topic of your choice at the following websites if you do not want to create your own.
Mindmap Directories
mindmap library
mindmap search

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