06 July 2008


Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession.There is no dearth of students to any subject and any level,at any age.Today, more teachers are willing to experiment online to find more information, better presentations, and are encouraging their students to do the same. Engaging students in academic activities while online can be difficult because they would like to stray into other websites. One method is to block websites with adult content,the other is to provide them just enough time to complete a certain project online.Teachers also tutor online these days to reach students in different cities.All you need is a computer with an internet connection and headphones.Virtual whiteboards where the teacher and student share the same boards online are available on many websites.Wiziq is one such platform where a virtual classroom is used for teaching anything FREE.It is equipped with live audio and video,text chat,document and whiteboard sharing.The best part is it is available for unlimited free use and the sessions can be recorded for later viewing.

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