08 January 2008


Time was when we learnt only from textbooks at school apart from charts hung on the walls of our classroom. The school library was used to find some information and mostly fiction. Library in college was always used for great reference books which were then used for slide show presentations and seminars. Laboratories were used to show practical experiments.
Today, most schools use more of audio-visual aids. E-learning has taken the place of books. Most children are comfortable with use of computers and the internet. But, what are they really into on the net after school? Chatting with friends and classmates take up their net time, apart from checking e-mails and looking up vital information for the upcoming school project.
Most are unaware of the correct usage of the internet. Searching for relevant information sometimes needs to be assisted by respective mothers. Most just go for Google results, or stick to wikipedia.
Computer classes are held in every school with outdated syllabii being taught. There is a need for proper usage of the internet also being taught. Some teachers at school give a url for a particular topic being done in class.
Excellent websites exist on the net for students to learn from. Study skills, time management for the student, references, dictionaries, images, slideshows, videos, powerpoint presentations, science projects, communication skills and even language learning sites are user-friendly.
Students can learn to use the net to their advantage in gaining knowledge, besides getting good grades. The only drawback can be overcome by using safe search and children being apprised of rules for internet safety.

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