24 April 2010

Hubble Space Telescope turns 20 today

Star Cluster
Source: Hubblesite.orgSpace shuttle Discovery carried the legendary orbiting Hubble Telescope in its payload bay this day in 1990. Named after the famous astronomer, Edwin P Hubble, the Hubble Space telescope has revolutionized astronomy. This large observatory provides spectacular views for astronomers to study our Solar system as well as several other galaxies. Our knowledge of the Universe has greatly improved because of Hubble.
Did you know that the Hubble Space Telescope makes one orbit around the earth every 96 minutes with a speed of 8 km/sec or 5 miles/sec ?
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hubble's launch into space, the picture above taken between Feb 1 & 2, showing the image of a pillar of star birth, three light years high has been released. A mountain of dust and gas rising in the Carina Nebula. Cool hydrogen at the top of the three-light-year pillar is being worn away by the radiation of nearby  stars, and the stars within the pillar are seen emitting jets of gas that stream from the peaks.Recommended Reading :
Hubble Site

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